The Solar System Love Triangle

Great concept!! how about we make a game out of it 😀

All in a Man's Life


It only takes a late full moon night, a considerable distance in the destination and a 20km/h speedometer reading to reach a thought worth writing in a blog. With a thought came words and with words came a philosophy. A philosophy realising that the concept of a love triangle is not exclusive to romantic Hollywood movies, it isn’t a concept introduced by Katherine Heigl, rather it was the Solar System and the books of astronomy that had been shouting the presence of a major Love Triangle, for quite sometime.

On one side of the triangle is Sun, on the other is Earth, whereas the third side sits host to Moon. And if we add a little profile to our characters and bring some perspective to their relationship, we see that Sun is the hottest boy on the block, everyone revolves around him and everyone wants a little bit of that…

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