GRID – An Overview

GRID brochure 2017 – click for PDF version     Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.38.59 AM


A Quick Look

  • Our Mission: Leveraging the power of digital games to inspire behavioral change. At GRID, we aim to make games that can educate, engage and empower people to make better decisions about their lives, their health, their money and their future, all while having a good time.
  • Our Story: Founded by Mariam Adil in 2013 GRID is a social initiative powered by a global team of young professionals who share a passion for gaming for development.
  • Our Achievements: GRID was featured as an “exemplary approach” on stage at CGIU 2015 at a session moderated by President Clinton. Mariam has presented GRID at numerous occasions, including two Tedx talks and the World Bank OLC Launch. Mariam won the GWU Best Social Venture Prize, SID Andrew Rice Award, GWU Knapp Fellowship and UN PeaceApp prize for GRID. GRID has been featured by 50+ media outlets in the past three years.

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